MyXpert – A Solution to Engage Non-feature Phone Users

There has been a sea change in utility applications for internet and tech savvy population. But in this emerging market, there is still a large portion of mobile population segment that is either carrying a non- feature phone or are fresh entrants into the internet space. Scope and opportunity for building utility product and services for them is immense. This has led to the launch ”MyXpert” by Spice Digital.

MyXpert is primarily an information voice platform for end consumer seeking advice and consultation across domains. Our content based service not only provides a compelling experience to end consumer but is fully scalable. The service spans across 6 domains including

– Gadget, Pathlabs, Health, Quick Fix, Relationship and Career Counseling.

For users , MyXpert is an easy plug and play solution to get connected with relevant expert by dialing a short code.

For Brands, Myxpert service provides a unique opportunity to further upsell and promote their other products & services to generate additional revenue.

For telcos , it’s a great way to engage the non feature phone users and further add a revenue stream.

Some of the key highlights-

  • Multi domain experts at one place
  • Feature to allow conversation anonymously
  • 24 * 7 consultation platform
  • Need based offering for Mass Mobile population






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