Smart Voice Logger

Spice Smart Voice Logger is a secure and stable call recording solution that enables the recording of key business interactions within any organization

Built on proven technology and leveraging years of experience in developing and integrating call management solutions, Smart Voice Logger is compatible with VoIP, TDM, and hybrid telephony environments. The solution can be easily configured using an intuitive web-based interface, which simplifies system deployments and reduces support requirements.

Key Features of Smart Voice Logger:

  1. Extremely Robust and Scalable Platform.
  2. Voice logs are AES 128 bit File encrypted and access matrix for security purposes.
  3. Simple, easy-to-use centralized web-based management interface.
  4. Online Recording Management- Start, Stop, Pause and Terminate Voice log.
  5. Robust Search and Playback allowing users to search, retrieve, download recordings.
  6. TDM and IP system integrations support hybrid communications environments
  7. Support for Local or Remote Storage and file compression.
  8. Quick Installation and Integration process.


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