IVR Platform

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response is a technology that automates routine customer service interactions by allowing callers to interact using touch tone digits or their voice.A basic example of an IVR application is an automated attendant or voice menu. The callers are presented with a recorded menu and respond by selecting a digit.This automated attendant eliminates the need for a live operator to handle the call

Our IVR platform is well equipped to perform the following functions:

  1. Play Record Audio, Video etc
  2. Collect DTMF Digits
  3. Multi Party Conferencing
  4. Automatic Speech Recognition
  5. Text to Speech
  6. Play Streamed Content
  7. Subscriber Profiling
  8. Subscriber Rating and Charging
  9. Subscriber Life Cycle Management
  10. Content Management
  11. Unified Reporting for all IVR services
  12. Generation of User Defined Reports
  13. Campaign Management based on subscriber databases of different services
  14. Cross promotion across different IVR services
  15. Configurable cross promotion rules


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