Know Your Call

We call it the ‘Poor Man’s True-Caller’.

The basic need of developing such a product was that:

  1. Feature phones have no such option available to them.
  2. Devices latched on to 2G and 2.5G networks cannot use the existing apps in the market as the number does not get displayed during the ringing state of the device.
  3. It is imperative from the safety perspective of the callers.

So this solution identifies and displays the name of the caller if the same is not a part of the devices address book.

Key Features:

  1. Is an innovation from a feature phone perspective
  2. Does not require data connectivity
  3. Would be on subscription basis
  4. Is evolving in terms of augmentation of database.
  5. Is customizable from an operator perspective.
  6. It is non intrusive and works at the time of the call receipt as in during the ringing state


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