Dynamic Voice Mail

There is a need to be connected anytime and anywhere for the people and this has increased the rate of mobile penetration worldwide. But when the phone is switched off or not reachable, then we lose some important calls.

In order to solve this problem, Spice Digital has come up with the Dynamic Voice Mail which is a solution to ensure your virtual connectivity anytime and anywhere.

  1. Spice DVM platform provides a functionality of dynamic allocation of an inbox to each caller activated under predefined business rules
    1. Call Forwarding on being switched off
    2. Call Forwarding on being Busy
    3. Call Forwarding on being Not Reachable
  2. It enables a virtual “Always connected” functionality to the user and that too without any subscription or user action.
  3. It is multifaceted and allows retrieval, saving, forwarding, barging and reconnecting via the Inbox.

This service will act as a service differentiator, ARPU enhancer, promote customer delight and optimally utilize the network capabilities for the operator

Key Features:

  1. No subscription required because there is default routing for all subscribers
  2. Intuitive housekeeping functionalities
    1. Play,
    2. Replay,
    3. Forward,
    4. Rewind,
    5. Pause,
    6. Skip,
    7. Save and
    8. Delete.
  3. In call action: While listening to a voicemail deposit, the B-Party (one who has been called) can make call to the A-party (the caller) from the voicemail itself.
  4. Notification Delivery to alert Subscribers on each mailbox event like “a new message” or “full mailbox”.
  5. Customized message/greeting for callers.
  6. Multiple mediums for accessing the DVM inbox -Handset App, Web, WAP & IVRS.


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