Ring Back Tone (RBT) is a special feature through which the calling party can hear a song or music instead of the default “tring tring” tone. RBT serves as a mechanism for the subscribers to make a statement of their personality, mood, character or nature by playing a suitable music or sound.

Users are not required to have the newest phone or a specific brand of phone. Therefore, operators have the flexibility to offer personalized ring back services to all types of subscribers (i.e., postpaid or prepaid, fixed or mobile).

Reverse RBT or Pretones Pretones would allow users to listen to content while calling someone up, instead of a ring. Subscribers can enjoy listening to attractive content of their choice when they make a voice call. Pretones are, in a sense, antithetical to normal CRBTs. And when someone who has a Pretones subscribed calls someone who has a CRBT, operators have the option of either masking the CRBT or first allow a Pretone then a CRBT.


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