Voice Chat

Internet chatting is a hugely popular phenomenon the world over, with communities coming together to hold discussions and express their views on topics of interest. The only drawback is that users need a constant Internet connection and need to be comfortable with a keypad.

With Voice Chat, users have the same opportunity to catch up with like-minded people, but rather than having to type to communicate, they talk.

Communities of users can readily express emotions – plus, they don’t require a keypad or Internet connectivity, they simply use their mobile phone to enter discussion groups.

‘Voice Chat’ is the perfect solution as it brings the users to a podium that gives them a chance to find new friends with the same kind of interests via IVR and GPRS platforms and yet maintain anonymity.

Key Features:

  1. Simple, user friendly and intuitive interface serving a large audience.
  2. Platform to interact with new interesting people.
  3. Secures and maintains the anonymity of registered members at all times.
  4. Extensive searching capabilities.
  5. Availability of Multilingual support on IVR.
  6. Empower the user to personalization features.
  7. Quick access to Matching profiles.
  8. SMS alert functionality pushes the service to end users.


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