Facebook Over USSD

Facebook over USSD (or Facebook via USSD) is a service where customers can access their Facebook account through USSD by dialling a short code from their phone and avail the basic facebook features.

Facebook over USSD is accessible from all handsets where alpha-numeric keyboard is available for USSD.

Many facebook features are available in the Main menu, once you have subscribed and dialled the USSD number.

You can access the following facebook features via USSD on your handset:

  1. News feeds.
  2. Update Status.
  3. Post on friends’ wall.
  4. Friends’ Birthdays.
  5. Friend Requests (view only).
  6. Messages (you can only chat with a friend who is online from http based web).
  7. Notifications.
  8. Logout.
  9. Help


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