Music Karaoke

Music Karaoke is an ideal service for all music lovers. It is innovative and entertaining service which offers aspiring singers an ideal platform, where the amateur singers can record their own songs/ albums and showcase their talent to the world.

The service allows the users to record songs in their own voice and gets scores based on their performance. This innovative application helps the users to improve their singing based on the score of their singing.

Now no more waiting outside the studio for auditions just record and create your own album, anywhere and anytime and get famous.

Music Karaoke is the only platform that offers its users the possibility to record, participate & share their recorded songs.

Key Features:

  1. Record & Personalize:Users can record songs as per their choice. They can personalize their recordings by recording song with the music playing in the background from the instrumental pieces available in the library.
  2. Create Personal Albums:The Users can record up-to 20 songs (this can change as per settings) and create their albums. They can also share their recorded albums by sharing their Song ID.
  3. Share with Friends(s):The service allows the users to share their/others recorded songs with their friends. The user needs to enter the number he/she wants to share the recording with. SMS will be sent to all the entered numbers providing them the direct multi-modal number to directly listen to the shared song.
  4. Dedicate: The service allows the users to dedicate recorded songs with their friends & family along with the personalized message. They just need to record the message & enter the mobile number they want to dedicate. An out-bound dialler is generated to the numbers entered & plays the dedicated song & the message.
  5. Post on Facebook:The users can share their recorded songs with their friends on social networking sites such as Facebook. They can post their recorded song on Facebook where their friends can post comment, like and share.


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