Mobile Radio

Mobile Radio is an intelligent nonstop-music playing station akin to FM radio with extended capability of creating automated playlists i.e. storing songs of your own choice in a special personalized folder which is automatically played out whenever this service is accessed.

Differentiating feature of the service is the fact that it tracks songs heard by the subscriber over time and plays a selection based on previously heard songs. Customizable at every point, it offers additional functionality of downloading tracks, setting them as ringtone or background music.

Mobile Radio offers a large collection of songs spanning languages, genres, eras and moods making it a prime service for users of all age. Extensive regional and devotional content is especially attractive to a large audience. Categories are available in each circle and they can be customized by an operator depending on their regional preference.

Key Features

  1. Our Mobile Radio won Best Mobile Music Service for Airtel at Asia Mobile Awards 2008, MACAU.
  2. Library to choose from more than 1 Lakh songs.
  3. More than 20 language categories.
  4. Intelligent IVR automatically takes the user to the menu that is browsed most.
  5. Download ringtones & Dedication full songs.


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