Learn English

Speaking is fundamental to human communication. Today there is an urgent need to spread the learning of speaking English to remotest parts of our country.

In classroom learning more emphasis is given on writing and reading and there is ignorance of speaking and listening skills but
through this service the user is encouraged to listen and speak simple sentences first and then is introduced to the language.
This service will surely provide a solution to the users to learn English speaking easily.

The major categories available under the Learn English are:

  1. Basic Grammar
  2. Functional Grammar
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Conversational English
  5. Enhance Vocabulary
  6. Writing & Speaking Tips
  7. Tests on Words and Grammar

Key Features:

  1. Learn English is an effort of providing an easily accessible one stop solution to learn how to speak English through mobile.
  2. All aspects important to learn the English Language have been included in the product. The main focus is to make the subscriber confident enough to speak English.
  3. Simple to understand language has been used as medium of instruction and wherever required, Hindi translation of English Sentences has been incorporated.
  4. As per requirement, the voice contents can be produced in regional languages also.


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