Exam Results

The very first thought of exam results creates a sense of tremendous anxiety into the mind of not only students but also the concerned parents. People used to rely on Newspaper and School Notice Board to know their result and quench their eagerness. However it took lot of time and patience which is really hard to keep when one already knows that result of their exam is out.

Then came the era of internet to find out ones result, but again the problem lies in the fact that Internet penetration in India is still very less. On the other hand, mobile penetration is manifold higher in India as compared to PC and Internet penetration.
Mobile can serve as better and quick source of result delivery even in the remotest part of the country.

The “Exam Result” portal introduces first of its kind service which is dedicated to the students with strong instinct to find out their evaluation in least possible time.

The objective is to assist the students in knowing their result with minimum effort and in least possible time.

Key Features:

With 34 boards of secondary and higher secondary education (that are recognized by the Indian Government) along with many more university boards, which encompasses laths of students, this is a huge deal for portal like “Exam Result”. It is an effort of providing an easily accessible one stop solution to find out one’s result on mobile. It can open new communication channels for enterprises through cost-effective bulk SMS messaging.

Results can be known through means of SMS as well as IVR i.e. on Voice. In case of result access through SMS one has to register their Examination Roll No. with us. Whenever the result is declared, the same would be sent to the registered candidate via SMS.


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