Soccer Radio

Soccer radio is an IVR based subscription service, which allows a user to be in touch with their favourite sport (Football) wherever s/he goes. This service can be availed by dialling a specific IVR short code.

This service comprises all the information about the football world, which includes news & trivia’s of live matches, expert comments and feedback, information about football clubs/team players and many more features.

Key Features:

  1. Facebook integration with IVR: User can share the goals on their Facebook wall.
  2. Bookmark: Users can bookmark their favourite goals and that is saved in his personal album
  3. Celebrity Chat: Users gets a chance to speak to their favourite players.
  4. Soccer Quiz: Users will be engaged by Daily/weekly/monthly quizzes that will revolve around soccer and their favourite player. On answering the questions correctly, they will get a chance to win exciting prizes.
  5. Guess to Win: A simple contest, where user will guess the match result and if his/her guess is right, he/she will win free tickets for the next match.


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