Pregnancy Care

This service acts as a medium to impart fairly good knowledge of the “Pregnancy Period”, not only to expectant mothers but to ‘fathers to be’ as well.

This service will provide crucial information pertaining to each phase of Pregnancy and suggest handy tips related to Mother & Baby Care. The Essence of the Service is to impart knowledge not only to the ‘Parents to be’ but to the whole family at large.

Key Features:

  1. Pregnancy Care is an unusual effort aimed at imparting simple yet Creative, Concise and Interesting knowledge related to Pregnancy.
  2. It’s a wonderful and wholesome service which also acts as an instant & alternate media to provide insightful information to people at the press of a thumb i.e. via Using Mobile Service.
  3. The Service is primarily of utmost help to expectant mothers and their spouse who have little idea of the “Things to Do” and the things to “Take Care Of” and at the same time eager to be a part of this Wonderful Experience i.e. Parenthood.

The Major Categories available under the Pregnancy Care are:

  1. Pregnancy Status
  2. Pregnancy Tests & Medication.
  3. Basics of Nutrition.
  4. Complications during Pregnancy.
  5. Getting ready for child birth.
  6. Labor Management.
  7. Post Natal Care.
  8. Common Myths/Old Wives Tales.


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