Kids Corner

Nowadays, education is taking a new concept bringing in quality and quantity. We believe that learning starts at home and school, with Rhymes, Poems, Stories and inputs on moral and social values for these young kids.

The “Kids Corner” introduces a service which is dedicated for children and small kids.

Key Features:

  1. The product has been categorically developed to cater to children up to ten years of age. Whether its playtime or bedtime, they can listen to their favourite Rhymes, Stories, and Poems, Cloak’s and Children Songs anytime and anywhere.
  2. With pre-recorded and our own recorded contents, kids corner has been divided into two categories – For children up to five years of age and for children above five years of age. For small children, Rhymes and Stories have been offered and the children of other category can listen to Poems, Prayers & Shloka’s (With meaningful illustration), Stories and Children Songs from films.
  3. In story section, interesting categories have been made so as to create maximum impact on the children. They can listen to the famous Panchatantra stories, Fairy Tales and Indian Traditional Stories any time they want. The category itself offers tremendous potential and can be expended further with Devotional and Inspirational stories for children.
  4. The portal can be expanded further with introduction of Games & Ideas, Rhymes & Stories by Kids, Riddles & Puzzles etc.


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