Mannat as a service will allow the user to record a prayer/wish in their own voice. This audio capsule will then be played at the user’s preferred shrine.The subscribers will be able to record 18 Mannat’s in 3 months; this can either be for different shrines or the same shrine.

In view of the sensitivity of the content of the product, it will be ensured that the moderation of the content is done twice, once by SPICE and the second time by our content provider.

Once the Mannat is played at the shrine, the subscriber will be sent a confirmation SMS and an OBD. But, in case the recorded capsule is not approved by the moderators due to nature of content or the quality of content, an SMS regretting the broadcast of the recording will be sent to the subscriber with the relevant reason.

Key Features:

  1. A premium highly diversified and successful service which will provide a separate niche for the operators inviting more subscribers.
  2. The service allows the subscribers to connect with the deity on a personal level by recording their prayers. The company ensures that prayers are kept confidential.


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