Live Aarti

The Spice Digital Live Audio Streaming is one of its kind spiritual services for all VAS users which is designed especially to cater to the religious sentiments of the end users.

The Virtual Darshan as a service specializes in enabling the virtual presence of the devotee at the temple/place of worship premises by making the devotee connect to the actual prayers/arti’s / bhajans / activities happening at the temple at the that point in time when the devotee has called up the service.

Key Features:

  1. Options to select Live Aarti of different religious places with easy browsing through real time availability of audio feeds from key places of worship- be it temple/ mosque or Gurudwara.
  2. Direct and unlimited access to the chosen content.
  3. Multiple Content Accesses: Each user has his/her own preference and spiritual inclination; hence here the user has an option of listening and purchasing the feed of the content as per his/her inclination.
  4. Daily Alerts notifying start of Aarti.
  5. Highest video quality, quick response and uninterrupted service on phone.


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