Astro & Devotional

Want to know what’s about to happen in your life? Or do you want to hear religious content to feel more close to God? The Astro & Devotional portal of Spice Digital Ltd. provides you an opportunity to increase and develop your spiritual side.

  1. The Spice Astrology helps you to know your Daily Horoscopes, Monthly Horoscopes, Shubh Muhurat, Prashna Kundli and also helps in Samasya Samadhan.
  2. Devotional Service is a platform to listen and dedicate religious musical content like songs, Aarti’s, Bhajan’s, Mukhwak, Amrit-Dhara, Aarti, Shlokas, Vedic traditions, Soothing Gospels, devotional songs, music and ring Tones.
  3. Through Live Aarti the devotee can be virtually present at the temple/place of worship premises and connect to the actual prayers/arti’s / bhajans / activities happening at the temple at that point in time when the devotee has called up the service.
  4. Mannat allows the user to record a prayer/wish in their own voice which will then be played at the user’s preferred shrine.
  5. Ebaadat is a Islamic religious service where the users can get access to services like, Direct and unlimited access to various content of Quran Tilawat, Islamic songs, Duaas, Live Feed and much more.


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