Toll Free

Toll Free Service can help you boost sales and improve customer service levels by providing your customers with a cost-free method to contact you.

Toll Free Service subscriber is allotted a Toll Free Service number 1800-YYY-XXXX, where 1800 is the service level followed by a 3 digit number YYY which is the Operator code allotted to Operator and XXXX is the unique subscriber number.

Key Features:

  1. It removes all barriers to customers contacting you as it’s a free call. It increases the profile of new and small businesses and helps develop customer loyalty.
  2. No need to change your number as this number sits on top of your existing one.
  3. Keep this number for the life of your business as it can be moved between fixed line and mobile phone and offers full geographic coverage.
  4. Receive calls from across India and from any service provider.
  5. Mix inbound and outbound calls on the same dedicated access line.


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