Healthcare Mobile Applications

The global healthcare industry is quickly recognizing the benefits of mobile-enabled applications and adapting it at a faster pace.

Mobility for Healthcare is the use of latest mobile technology for easy, effective, anytime and anywhere data accessibility to reduce the errors, enhance the accuracy and help in emergency situations for various diseases. One can easily utilize this software for registration with doctors for consultation, doctor’s prescription for medication and diagnosis, integrated lab diagnosis request system etc. The software is enabled with SMS, IVR and App notification reminders for prescriptions, medicine times and follow ups which are completely personalized.

Key Features:

  1. Remote patient monitoring and medical services
  2. Effective education & awareness
  3. Telemedicine
  4. Locating a pharmacy/ hospital with tracking
  5. Ease for patients by providing Digital PHR (Personal Health Records)
  6. Ease of process for Doctors and other Hospital staff
  7. Anytime and anywhere access to reduce the medication error by 75%
  8. Medication and follow up reminders for patients
  9. Life saving solutions and services for Emergencies


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