Cloud Services

Spice Digital provides a trusted and a high performance cloud platform to enterprises to run their businesses more effectively.Cloud is a hosted service and it reduces the need for physical infrastructure, leading to a much lower financial investment.
This way the enterprises are able to cut down on infrastructure costs and manage their businesses more effectively.

Spice provides a number of highly trusted Cloud Solutions which are as follows:

  1. Cloud Based ERP, in which we provide services like Sales Force Automation, Attendance Management System, Vehicle Management System, Hostel Management System and Knowledge Management on Mobile.
  2. Mobile Applications , in which we provide applications like Hospital App, Mobile App With Shopping Cart and Citizen Centric Mobile Application.
  3. Email Marketing
  4. : In this, we provide customized e-mail solutions for corporate mass communication needs.

  5. Reseller Option
  6. : A reseller plan for all our re-sellers to achieve growth.


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