spice digital company overview

Company Overview

                   “Want to serve the underserved through our products & services

                                  & bridge the Digital divide in India & across.”

Spice Digital Limited, previously known as Cellebrum Technologies Limited, is a market leader of Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS), mobile applications and Internet products & services. We are a part of the Spice Connect – a US $2 Billion conglomerate promoted by Mr Dilip Modi.

Thriving on innovation since 2000, SDL is engaged actively in the field of

SDL is also the innovator of the services like Mobile Radio, Mirchi on Mobile (Radio Mirchi), and BGM that is background music during call along with live feed from religious shrines on mobile. SDL has delivered various products and services over IVR, SMS, USSD, WAP & App with over 50 operators across 30 countries worldwide & over 40 Enterprises and has exclusive tie ups with Government organizations and Enterprises to provide mobile solutions.

Over the past 14 years, we have been constantly evolving and bringing out innovative products and services. In our effort to bridge the gap between the served and the under served we offer Domestic Money Transfer service helping people to send money across India conveniently without even opening bank accounts. SDL has recently launched Spice Money, its own comprehensive wallet.  It is a retailer assisted model that allows cash transfer from retail locations and instant fund transfer to all bank accounts across India. Spice Money Agent app is a miniature version of the actual web based portal, giving agents an ease & flexibility to provide service to their respective customers in case of emergency.

We have also introduced a perfect suite of ‘Big Data Analytics’ services to address information and data dynamism and provide the “Next Best Action” with accuracy, speed and above all “in real time”.

With an impressive product portfolio SDL has been able to cater to a diverse set of customer needs and build a strong customer relationship.

SDL’s growth has attracted investors from the international market which includes Mediatek (Taiwan) which invested in Spice Digital in the year 2011.


Spice Digital Subsidiaries :

Spice Labs (India)

Spice Labs is a mobile game development studio founded in 2009. Spice Labs is the studio that puts games right in your pocket. Our passion is to create addictive, easy-to-learn and fun games for mobile devices. Our first title, “Hangman” was a runway hit on Blackberry and for the last 3 years we have consistence presence in top 25 on the App world. We are present on multiple platforms with 100 Million+ downloads on Blackberry alone.

Spice Digital (Africa)

Spice VAS Africa has been set up as a company dedicated to the Mobile Value Added Service needs of the African markets. With more than 100 VAS platforms deployed in partnership with leading telecom operators, Spice aims to be the prime provider of mobile entertainment, infotainment and m-commerce.

The company has a strong presence in African markets with its Managed VAS business in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. A unique strength of Spice VAS Africa is its rich repertoire of local content, licensed from more than 800 artists in Africa.


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